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G-Tek 3GX Gloves with Dyneema (each) - MENCO MEDICAL SERVICES

G-Tek 3GX Gloves with Dyneema (each)

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These G-Tek Great White gloves are a blend of synthetic Dyneema Diamond Technology fibers with Lycra for maximum comfort and protection. Rated at EN Cut Level 4 and ANSI Cut Level 3A, a pair of these gloves are ideal for workers needing high-level cut resistance with tactile sensitivity for handling small tools and parts.

Key Features:
  • EN Cut Level 4; ASTM F2992-153 ANSI Cut Level A3; ASTM F1790-05 ANSI Cut level 3
  • Seamless knit Dyneema Diamond/ Lycra construction; increased comfort and breathability
  • Dyneema Diamond blended shell is lightweight and provides excellent dexterity, tactile sensitivity and cut resistance
  • Gray Polyurethane coated palm for great abrasion resistance, excellent puncture resistance and outstanding wet/dry grip
  • Knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Cotton color binding denotes sizing
Please Note: Sold by the dozen in pairs, 6 dozen per case.

What is Dyneema Diamond Technology?
DSM Dyneema is a high-performance Polyethylene fiber and is pound-for-pound ten times stronger than steel - the most cut resistant fiber. G-Tek 3GX gloves made with Dyneema Diamond Technology offer significantly greater abrasion resistance than those containing fiberglass or aramids. Wear, wash and reuse gloves, without sacrificing performance. Its proprietary technology increases the cut resistance of the yarn by approximately 200% over standard Dyneema fibers by embedding specially engineered micro-particles into the polymer. Unlike fiberglass and spun aramids, Dyneema Diamond Technology is very flexible, resists breakage, retains less heat and feels cooler.

Potential Applications:
Electronics, Glass cutting, Metal handling, Parts assembly, Sharp small parts handling, Construction and general duty.